Sunday, September 23, 2012

You say goodbye and I say Halo...

So recently, over the past few months, a friend and I have been playing through the games in the Halo series. It was my idea to get geared up for Halo 4. We managed to finish Halo 2 today which sadly I had never beaten before. I had previously played through roughly half of it, but would always get distracted and move on to something else. It feels nice to have beaten it finally (even though I did have help. All we have left now is to play Halo 3 and we'll be ready for the 6th of November.

 Otherwise I have been playing Borderlands 2. I know that Gearbox prides themselves on having a "bazillion" guns, but sometimes I think that there are too many. I believe that this Penny Arcade is fairly accurate.

Finally, this coming Tuesday sees the release of Dead or Alive 5. They claim it is a fighting game but when your pre-order bonuses are bikinis for the characters... I'm somewhat suspicious. Not that that will stop me from buying it. The series has always been entertaining after all.

Well that is it for today. Maybe next time I'll have something profound to say.


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