Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm back... I think... I hope it is me...

So it has been somewhere just shy of forever since I last posted anything.  For that I want to extend a heartfelt apology to my reader.

So... I have been working for a company that plays country music all day in the store (I'm not complaining as I actually like country).  Some of the songs, however, are not exactly what I would pick for, well anything...  One of them always makes me hear something beyond what was intended.

Tomorrow by Chris Young (you know you want to listen) is one that I cannot stand.  A buddy of mine tells me it is a sweet song about wanting your last night with someone to be perfect.  I, however, hear "Baby I'm leaving you tomorrow, but tonight we are getting it ON!"

My friend may be right, but mine is funnier.

On the topic of music; this one truly speaks to the nerd in me.  But beyond that it is also just a really inspired composition.  And I highly recommend checking out some of Gavin's other work.

Well, I hope to be around more often sharing my ramblings and insights with you another time.


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