Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm David and I approve this message.

Given that it is election time we get to see plenty of commercials from the varying candidates. My question is why do they need to have the statement "I'm a politician and I approve this message." 
You think!? I mean really. You never hear "I'm a politician, the narrator just said nice things about me while bashing my opponent. I totally disapprove of this message." Do we really need them to tell us that they approve?

Moving right along. There is a book by Yahtzee Croshaw called Mogworld. It is his first published novel and I highly recommend it. I may do a full review of it later, but anyone that has ever played an MMORPG should read it. And perhaps pre-order his forthcoming novel Jam. This one is about a strawberry scented apocalypse... and carnivorous jam. Based on the sample chapter I have read it looks to be quite good.

So as I implied earlier I may start doing book reviews. The books I review probably won't be new (some might be though). If anyone has any ideas, or even suggestions of stuff to read, please speak up. Additionally I have been working on a short story type of thing which I am thinking of posting here and would welcome any feedback on it.

That's it for today,

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