Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The nightmare realm of fairytales

Okay maybe someone out there in the wyld can answer me, exactly how is this "the most wonderful time of the year"? I work retail and all I see are people who are willing to push, shove, and badger all so that they can get the perfect gift for someone. And yes I will admit that there are those precious few who are genuinely polite and kind. The ones who are willing to wait their turn and even go the extra mile to make things easier for all parties involved. I know it's hectic and busy all over, and yes I am also in search of the perfect gift (even now... sorry guys), but why the frack is everyone so pissy about it? I'm not really talking about the people who are just in a hurry, or are getting irate because they can't find that one item. I'm referring to the people who have no concept of putting an item back where it belongs, but then have the nerve to complain about how messy your store is. Perhaps I'm just cynical... okay I know that I'm cynical... but all in all when does it end? Christmas has come and gone, yes now we have returns and gift cards to process, but the customers haven't changed a bit. They still act like they have to find that perfect item and only have a couple of days to do it in.

Anyhoo that's it for today's rant. Maybe tomorrow I'll let you know my thoughts on employees that are so worthless that having a corpse on staff would be a more productive waste of payroll.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I heard the bells on Christmas day.

Well Christmas has come and gone (by a day at least), and all is right with the universe. I spent most of the day yesterday with my sister and brother-in-law, and it was good. I will admit that I didn't feel all that Christmas-y this year. For some reason it just didn't seem like the Christmas season for me. Maybe it was the slightly un-seasonal weather, or the droves of mindless zombies... erm... I mean shoppers, but somehow it just feels as though the Christmas spirit just passed me by. Moving right along, and away from the melancholy. I got to see the new Rocky flick. I dug it! If you're a fan of the original you'll probably enjoy this one. My parents celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary on Friday. Had dinner and it was fun. My sister and I are now trying to figure how we'll embarrass them next year for their 35th.

Well that is all this one has to say for now.