Sunday, September 30, 2012

Floyd the barber cuts his hair...

Freakazoid! What more needs to be said? It is an amazing series that never quite found its audience. I recently watched a video by Bob "Moviebob" Chipman of the escapist magazine that discussed what he calls "The Prophesy of Freakazoid" (embedded for your convenience).

While watching the video I was reminded of how great a show it was/is. And therefore I felt the need to share with all of you.

On a more serious note this past Friday (the 28th for those keeping score) was the one year anniversary of me losing my job at Vector Security. I wasn't sure how to celebrate. Dance a jig? Raise a glass of my best scotch? Why even celebrate? To be honest I have had so much less stress since losing my employment there. True there was the stress that tends to go along with unemployment, but overall the quality of my life improved. I do kinda miss the salary though. Some of the people there were cool too. Am I supposed to feel this way about a job loss?

And that is it for me today,
If I'm not back in five minutes... keep waiting.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Does whatever a spider can.

Well it has been made official, Andrew Garfield and director Marc Webb have signed on for the sequel to Amazing Spider-Man.  I am totally hyped for this movie as I thought Amazing was the best movie I've seen all year.  Yes, better than both Batman and the Avengers.

And now for some sad news. Michael O'Hare who played Commander Jeffrey Sinclair on the TV show Babylon 5 has passed away. My good friends know that B5 was/is one of my all time favourite shows, and while I prefer Bruce Boxleitner's Captain John Sheridan as a character, I still feel something of a loss with O'Hare's passing. May he rest in peace and his family and friends find comfort.

Keeping the TV theme running, where did all the good shows go? I realise good is somewhat subjective, but it seems all I ever do is watch reruns of Pawn Stars and American Pickers anymore. Barring a couple of exceptions (How I Met Your Mother & Supernatural) I mainly keep the TV on for background noise.

And that is it for me today
Keep the bugs off your glass and the bears off your...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Cowboy Rides Away

As I have said in a previous post I am something of a fan of Country music.  Topping my list is "King" George Strait.  I knew this day was coming, but today George announced his retirement from touring.  Tour dates have been announced for the 2013 leg, but the 2014 dates will be announced at a later time.  As I said it was inevitable, but I'm still not looking forward to it.  Here is a video of the press release.

That is pretty much it for me today.

Monday, September 24, 2012

I'm David and I approve this message.

Given that it is election time we get to see plenty of commercials from the varying candidates. My question is why do they need to have the statement "I'm a politician and I approve this message." 
You think!? I mean really. You never hear "I'm a politician, the narrator just said nice things about me while bashing my opponent. I totally disapprove of this message." Do we really need them to tell us that they approve?

Moving right along. There is a book by Yahtzee Croshaw called Mogworld. It is his first published novel and I highly recommend it. I may do a full review of it later, but anyone that has ever played an MMORPG should read it. And perhaps pre-order his forthcoming novel Jam. This one is about a strawberry scented apocalypse... and carnivorous jam. Based on the sample chapter I have read it looks to be quite good.

So as I implied earlier I may start doing book reviews. The books I review probably won't be new (some might be though). If anyone has any ideas, or even suggestions of stuff to read, please speak up. Additionally I have been working on a short story type of thing which I am thinking of posting here and would welcome any feedback on it.

That's it for today,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

You say goodbye and I say Halo...

So recently, over the past few months, a friend and I have been playing through the games in the Halo series. It was my idea to get geared up for Halo 4. We managed to finish Halo 2 today which sadly I had never beaten before. I had previously played through roughly half of it, but would always get distracted and move on to something else. It feels nice to have beaten it finally (even though I did have help. All we have left now is to play Halo 3 and we'll be ready for the 6th of November.

 Otherwise I have been playing Borderlands 2. I know that Gearbox prides themselves on having a "bazillion" guns, but sometimes I think that there are too many. I believe that this Penny Arcade is fairly accurate.

Finally, this coming Tuesday sees the release of Dead or Alive 5. They claim it is a fighting game but when your pre-order bonuses are bikinis for the characters... I'm somewhat suspicious. Not that that will stop me from buying it. The series has always been entertaining after all.

Well that is it for today. Maybe next time I'll have something profound to say.


Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm back... I think... I hope it is me...

So it has been somewhere just shy of forever since I last posted anything.  For that I want to extend a heartfelt apology to my reader.

So... I have been working for a company that plays country music all day in the store (I'm not complaining as I actually like country).  Some of the songs, however, are not exactly what I would pick for, well anything...  One of them always makes me hear something beyond what was intended.

Tomorrow by Chris Young (you know you want to listen) is one that I cannot stand.  A buddy of mine tells me it is a sweet song about wanting your last night with someone to be perfect.  I, however, hear "Baby I'm leaving you tomorrow, but tonight we are getting it ON!"

My friend may be right, but mine is funnier.

On the topic of music; this one truly speaks to the nerd in me.  But beyond that it is also just a really inspired composition.  And I highly recommend checking out some of Gavin's other work.

Well, I hope to be around more often sharing my ramblings and insights with you another time.