Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year, New You

Greetings from the year 2013! And so another year has gone, never to pass again.

Confession time: I don't get all the new year hype. Never have. Most probably never will. It just seems to me that it is simply another day. Sure the year has changed, but I don't see how that is much different from any other change on the calendar.

And now I have a little contest for any and all my readers. At the top of my page is the tagline "Living vicariously through others since 1980". I am giving you the opportunity to change it. Starting today and running through the end of the month I will be accepting submissions for a new tagline. I have nothing to offer to you in return... except credit for the new tag, of course. Just leave a comment on any post going forward from today or comment on my Google+ page. The winner will be selected on 31 Jan. 13 and placed on the page on 01 Feb. 13. Please keep it clean and have fun. May the best tagline win!

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