Sunday, October 21, 2012

Not as left handed as you would think.

As promised I am here to present my "review" of the movie Sinister. I will preface this with the statement that I generally don't go for horror movies.
I enjoyed it, but feel that it loses something at the end. To explain, the writers created a mythology just for this film and they work with it to build tension. However, as the movie comes to its conclusion they drop the tension in favor of a few jump scares. That isn't to say that jump scares are bad, but it seemed to break the flow of things.
The story works well; a true crime writer who hasn't had a hit in ten years or so moves his family into a house where a family was murdered. While there he starts hearing and experiencing strange things. The deeper he delves into the mystery, and learning about other murders across the US, the more strangeness he experiences. His son begins having night terrors again and things start to become (more) strained with his wife. We, along with the main character, find out about a pagan deity that seems to be linked with the murders in some capacity. About this time things begin to speed up and things begin happening. We see visions that, apparently the main cannot see, and get a little more insight into what is happening.
And this is where the jump scares really kick in. In actuality there are only a few of them but, as I said, they serve to diminish the tension already built. The ending is sorta, okay quite, twisted.
All things being equal I do recommend it, but just remember the ending of the movie takes something away from the journey (not much though).

And Nick, there is no possession anywhere in the movie. So it is safe for you...

Finally to explain the title of this post grab a dictionary and look up the word sinister. You'll get it then.

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