Monday, April 29, 2013


The other day I was watching reruns of old(er) cartoons on Boomerang and I had a thought. How awesome would it be if there were cartoon crossovers? I don't mean like where one or more characters from one series show up in another series, I'm talking something much more awesome. Like G.I. Josie and the Thundercats, a sequel could be G.I. Josie and the SWAT Cats . Or Jabber Jawesome (Jabber Jaw and the Street Sharks). Perhaps even including live action characters into it. Something like Power Rangers Turbo Teen. One of my personal favourites is Let's get Danger Mouse (Darkwing Duck and Danger Mouse). Ooh... maybe Conan the Centurion(s) where Conan gets asked to join the Centurions (man and machine, power extreme).

The possibilities are endless...

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