Wednesday, February 13, 2013


What is the deal with nerd culture? Specifically why do people think that my enjoyment of something that they dislike somehow lessens their enjoyment of it?

My primary example is a friend of mine. He is a huge Star WArs fan and takes some level of personal insult when someone makes disparaging remarks about it. WHY!? Does their dislike of Star Wars somehow take away from his love of it?

This particular Jimquisition tackles the subject from a slightly different angle.

Seriously though, why can we not just enjoy something for what it is (or isn't)? Why do we constantly have to listen to others tell us what is right and proper? Why does another person's like or dislike of something invalidate your personal feelings towards the same?

I realise nothing I say here will change anything, but I had to make my feelings known on the subject.

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