Friday, November 02, 2012

This is just... Profane

Profanity. How is it so popular? More importantly why? My friends know that I have to be quite annoyed or frustrated before I will resort to profanity. I have even started giving a friend and co-worker a hard time for his use of profanity, specifically in the work place.

Maybe I'm just square, but I do not understand it. Why is it so cool? Maybe it is the social stigma behind it. But isn't that almost completely gone? Do the 13 year old people on Xbox Live think it makes them, dare I say it, edgy? But it isn't just the kids. As I said a friend drops the F-bomb at the drop of a hat. Actually probably more often than that. That word pervades almost all aspects of his speech. When I point that out/confront him about it all I get in return is whatever.

Personally I think the use of profanity makes people less mature than many seem to think it makes them. That is to say... the more you use profanity, the more immature I think it makes you. Just the other night I was telling my friend that rather than swearing, grab a thesaurus and learn something new. At least give the illusion that you're intelligent.

Most of my favorite authors are the ones who either do not use profanity, or use it sparingly to help underscore the gravity of the scene. Perhaps it has to do with the way I was raised... perhaps not though. I guess I'm asking people to stop giving me more reason to think you immature. Is that too much to ask?!

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